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What is the APA

The APA was formed in 1988 as SARA – The South African Rivers Association. As the industry changed over time, it became clear that an association with a broader reach was needed and so it was renamed the African Paddling Association. The focus has grown to include not only rivers but also commercial trips on lakes, estuaries and the ocean – swiftwater, flatwater and ocean paddling. The APA is a voluntary industry body and all members pay an annual membership fee. Members sign a Code of Conduct and Safety doc attached and there is a disciplinary process doc attached to deal with any complaints against members. Our objectives are as follows;

  1. To develop and administer a professional guide training and certification system
  2. To develop best practice recommendations to ensure safe, socially and environmentally responsible paddling trips
  3. To provide an industry forum for operators and guides, keeping them informed of developments which may affect their business or be of interest to them
  4. To liaise with government, parastatals, the media and the public about safety on paddling trips